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Glowsome brightening set (illuminating, anti-blemish)

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1. Product description

Perfect set for those who care about stains. This is not only a great combination to balance your skin tone, but also to reduce hyperpigmentation.


- 94% Fermented Rice Complex

- Vitamin Solution Radiant Whitening Ampoule (Vitamin C)

- Sea Buckthorn Vital 70 Cream (Yellowhead Cream)

2. How to use

- Apply the fermented rice toner first on dry skin after washing your face. Allow enough product to absorb but without completely drying your skin. Use day and night.

- Apply the ampoule of vitamin C on the skin allowing it to absorb completely. Use only at night.

- Finally, apply the moisturizing cream once the vitamin C ampoule has been completely absorbed. Use day and night.

- This routine is ideal to use at night. In the morning you can use the toner, the cream and the sunscreen.

* The use of the ampoule is only recommended at night

* We recommend keeping the yellowhead moisturizer in the fridge.

3. Ingredients

You can see the ingredients of each product in the link of each one

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Glowsome brightening set (illuminating, anti-blemish)
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