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Moist Recovery Set Set (Dry Skin)

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1. Product description

Do you have dry or dehydrated skin and you don't know what the basics are for your skin? This is the perfect set to start hydrating and regenerating your skin!


- Hyaluronic acid toner plus

- Super hyaluronic moisturizing ampoule

- Deep sea pure water cream

2. How to use

- Apply hyaluronic acid toner first on damp skin after washing your face. Allow enough product to absorb but without completely drying your skin

- Apply the hyaluronic acid ampoule on moist skin with tonic

- Finally apply the moisturizing cream once the tonic has been completely absorbed

- This routine is ideal to use day or night. Remember that during the day you must add your sunscreen after the moisturizer.

3. Ingredients

You can see the ingredients of each product in the link of each one

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Moist Recovery Set Set (Dry Skin)
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