WellDerma Warming Eye Mask / 1 ea

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1. Product description

- Thermal eye mask that recovers eye fatigue through comfortable relaxation that lasts 20 min.

- Helps you sleep soundly and comfortably with warmth and a lavender scent that helps calm your mind and body.

- Improves the functioning of the ciliary body with heat, delivers heat to the deepest areas to prevent aging of the eye and combats insomnia.

2. How to use

After applying your moisturizer, use this mask in the last step of your routine to rest your eyes either before bed or to take a nap in the middle of your daily activities.

3. Step No. in beauty routine

Recommended to use at the end of your routine for 20 min

4. Ingredients

- Lavender oil: Helps calm nerves and improve the quality of your sleep

- 40 ° C of temperature that will help reduce fatigue, fight insomnia and reduce the aging of the eye

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WellDerma Warming Eye Mask / 1 ea
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