Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Ampoule / 50ml
1. Product description - A combination of hyaluronic acid that retains more than 1000 times its weight in water and seaweed. - This ampoule creates a layer that prevents moisture loss and increases skin elasticity, leaving your skin hydrated and...
94% fermented rice complex
1. Product description Nourishing vegan essence that features 94% natural rice fermentation complex for high absorption and penetration of other active ingredients. This essence improves the skin, balances the PH and the production of fat. It also contains Niacinamide, which...
Super origin miracle day root essence / 150ml
1. Product description Double functional product that acts as an essence and a tonic. This toner is excellent for those who want to regain its firmness, clarify and unify the skin tone while recovering its full hydration Among its most...
Super Origin Bouncing Root Cream
Multifunctional anti-aging cream that helps by improving and unifying the skin tone while improving its elasticity. Among its most important benefits, it notably improves the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, increasing collagen production, regulating the PH of the skin,...
Anti-aging duo with fermented root extracts
1. Product description Finally in set our best anti-aging duo with fermented root extract Perfect for those who want to regain their elasticity, hydration and treat wrinkles on the skin. This set contains a "Root Cureplex" that acts as intensive...
Yellowhead cream
Yellowhead cream
1. Product description - You were looking for a cream to hydrate, restore, clarify and balance the tone of your skin? - Moisturizing cream with 70% extract of sea buckthorn, fruit of the vitamin tree to help with the shine...
VOM Silicone Cupping Massage Cup + lifting serum
1. Descripción del producto  Llega a Glowsome VOM (봄 que significa primavera en coreano) para ayudar a mejorar tu piel y dejarla fresca y radiante como la primavera.  Este set de masajes coreano VOM consiste en una copa de masajes...
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Brainig Gold & EGF Eye Patch / 60units
1. Product description Thin sheets of gel to hydrate, soften and revitalize the eye contour or treat small problem areas of the skin. It contains epidermal growth factor EGF, which assists in cellular rejuvenation, as well as gold extract that...
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Centella Green Level Eye Cream 30ml
1. Product description Anti-wrinkle cream made with effective nutrients to prevent wrinkles from penetrating deep into the skin, combining 4 types of peptide elements that are essential protein ingredients to strengthen the contour of your eyes. 2. How to use...
1. Descripción El caviar era una comida de reyes y reinas en la antigüedad y ahora nos hace lucir una piel digna de la realeza gracias a que está compuesto de un 60% de hidratantes, 30% lípidos, que renuevan tu...
DABO Collagen Lifting Ampoule
1. Descripcion  Ampolla de colageno marino perfecta para tratar los surcos caídos, recuperar elasticidad y generar un levantamiento (Lifting) definitivo. Esta cargado de colágeno marino que molecularmente es muy ligero y logra penetrar profundamente tu piel y por eso notarás resultados más rápidos que...
DABO Collagen Lifting Skin Care Set
1. Descripción El Set de Colágeno Marino para Mejoramiento de Arrugas + blanqueamiento, incluye los pasos necesarios para contrarrestar los signos de la edad y mejorar las líneas de expresión: Tónico (150ml), Emulsión(150ml), Crema Hidratante. Hecho a base de Colágeno Marino,...
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