Glowsome beauty is an international Korean cosmetics store that was born in the heart of Seoul in order to bring you the best skin care products and share the best secrets and rituals of Korean beauty and culture. This space and new world is designed by Shirley Vega for those people who want to improve not only a little of their skin but also their lifestyle.

Why Korea?

Glowsome was born in Korea, where her founder went to study her undergraduate studies 12 years ago, and currently resides there, making Seoul her second home. There she not only worked for Amore Pacific, the largest cosmetics group in the Korean market, but she also fell in love with K-beauty, her rituals and secrets to achieve that Glow that we all seek. Korean beauty is characterized by three main aspects:

    • DEDICATION: #metime The thought that beauty starts from the inside out is a trend that has made K beauty revolutionize the way we take care of our skin and our health. It's about prevention rather than treating.

    • KNOWLEDGE: #skintype Knowing your skin is the main key to feeling and looking better. If you know your skin, you learn to listen to it, you will know what you should and should not eat, and what products and ingredients to use.

  • INNOVATION: #knowhow Korean cosmetics are characterized by having the best quality standards and research experts to bring great formulas to the market and promote efficient, unique and innovative products.

Our Promise

  • Promote beauty through a healthy lifestyle. We believe that beauty is not the result of applying products, but of having a beauty routine and a balanced life.
  • To let you know products that are manufactured with the best quality standards, safe ingredients and free of animal cruelty.

  • Provide products that are specially cured for each skin type, cruelty-free, with vegan products, and certified by the EWG (Environmental Work Group) organization thanks to their safe ingredients.

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