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Centella Green Level Eye Cream 30ml
1. Product description Anti-wrinkle cream made with effective nutrients to prevent wrinkles from penetrating deep into the skin, combining 4 types of peptide elements that are essential protein ingredients to strengthen the contour of your eyes. 2. How to use...
24K Gold & Peptide Hydrogel Ampoule Eye Patch
1. Descripcion del producto  Despues de tanto buscar la formula perfecta con extracto de oro por fin nos llega nuestra nueva marca DABO! Estos parches de extracto de oro 24k con una pureza del 99.9% que ayudara no solo a...
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Home Spa Set
Home Spa Set
1. Product description This set is special for those who want to enjoy a day of masks and facial care at home. Excellent to give a gift too since it is suitable for all skin types! 2. What does it...
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Brainig Gold & EGF Eye Patch / 60units
1. Product description Thin sheets of gel to hydrate, soften and revitalize the eye contour or treat small problem areas of the skin. It contains epidermal growth factor EGF, which assists in cellular rejuvenation, as well as gold extract that...
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