Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel / 50 ml
1. Product description The long-awaited sunscreen finally arrives! This product is a chemical protector with a light texture but high sun protection approved by the FDA and sold in the United States, which means that it has all the necessary...
Hyaluronic Acid Water Toner Plus / 200ml
1. Product description The cure has arrived to keep your skin hydrated. Hyaluronic Acid Toner Plus is not only one of the best-selling toners in the Korean market, but it also has spectacular benefits - Contains 5 different types of...
Green Tea Fresh Toner / 200ml
1. Product description This balancing toner contains 80% organic green tea extract from Jeju Island that helps regulate the overproduction of sebum, improves the appearance of pores while maintaining hydration. 2. How to use After cleansing, apply a moderate amount...
Green Tea Fresh Emulsion
The perfect emulsion for all those who suffer from oily skin and need to seal in hydration. Contains a rich formulation of organic green tea extract, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola and allantoin, it will provide hydration, antioxidants and a lot...
$32.00 $28.80
Moist Recovery Set Set (Dry Skin)
1. Product description Do you have dry or dehydrated skin and you don't know what the basics are for your skin? This is the perfect set to start hydrating and regenerating your skin! Contains: - Hyaluronic acid toner plus -...
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Hyaluronic Acid Travel Kit (limited edition)
1. Product description Do you want to try this line of hyaluronic acid before buying our full size version? Our travel kit is perfect for you. Not only is it suitable for all skin types but it will keep your...
$25.00 $20.00
Hyaluronic Acid Moist Cream / 80ml
1. Product description It is time to regain the moisture and elasticity of your skin! This cream contains up to five types of hyaluronic acid to hydrate every corner of your skin - Contains vegetable oils that are friendly to...
Clear Skin 8% AHA Essence / 100ml
1. Product DescriptionCleopatria's skin secret was AHA! This exfoliating essence contains 4% glycolic acid and 4% lactic acid to smooth the texture and restore your skin's brightness.Contains a gentle keratin exfoliant to improve skin elasticity and exfoliate without causing irritation...
$28.00 $25.20
Aloe Soothing Emulsion / 120ml
1. Product description Do you have sensitive skin and are creams too heavy for you? This emulsion will be your favorite! Hydrates, softens and soothes your skin thanks to its formula enriched with organic aloe vera. It also contains gotu...
Aloe Soothing Toner / 200ml
1. Product description This is tonic is the solution for sensitive or irritated skin! Contains 80% Aloe Vera Extract from Jeju Island, which helps to balance, hydrate, soothe, and deeply refresh your skin after every cleanse. In addition, its formula...
Aloe Soothing Gel / 150ml
1. Product description Hypoallergenic gel containing 80% aloe vera extract to hydrate, reduce irritation and soothe the skin Contains five types of hyaluronic acid to retain hydration and improve the texture of sensitive, dry and sagging skin Additionally, it protects...
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