Five Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin This Summer

Summer is here!

With the sun and humidity, our skin demands more protection from us to prevent breakouts and minimize sun damage during these months.

As the weather warms up and humidity increases, the sebaceous glands in the skin begin to produce excess sebum. This secreted oil clings to the surface of the skin, causing stickiness, oiliness and clogged pores.

Acne breakouts are the most common problem that occurs in summer. People with oily skin are more prone to this as bacteria and oils from the skin mix with sweat and cause clogged pores and consequently acne.

Also, when your skin is exposed to UV rays, melanin production increases to protect your skin from sun damage. Melanin has photoprotective qualities, so excess melanin results in darker, tanned skin.

Other problems can include itchy skin, sunburn, and even a rash due to sensitivity to the sun. Therefore, it is essential that you improve your skin care to keep us away from unwanted problems this summer.


These are six tips that we recommend to take care of your skin this summer.


1. Cream and Aftersun

When we burn our faces and bodies in the sun, our skin becomes irritated, we turn red and everything itches!

A moisturizer is vital to protect our skin in summer. This cream with a gel aftersun is the perfect combination to soothe and give our skin a good dose of hydrationIt's important to choose a non-greasy formula based on your skin type with antioxidant ingredients like vitamins A and C. If you have SPF, even better.

We recommend our Aloe Vera Soothing Gel suitable for your face and body. This hypoallergenic gel contains 80 percent aloe vera leaf juice that helps soften, hydrate, and soothe the skin. Provides moisture and all the properties of aloe vera, but without the stickiness! Containing five types of hyaluronic acid, it provides a good amount of moisture and improves the texture of sensitive, dry and flabby skin.

2. Take care of the parts most exposed to the sun

It is important not only to protect our face, but all parts of our body that are exposed to the sun.

You can always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. Use a moisturizing gel under the eyes; and a lip balm with SPF as a base before applying lipstick.

In addition, we recommend applying sunscreen, masks, and moisturizers on your feet, especially if you use open sandals.

3. Have a night care routine

 During the day our face is exposed to the sun, this is a highly sensitive area that usually burns more easily and requires special care.

Hydration is key at all times during the summer. You can use a hydrating face mask after washing your face at night to hydrate yourself more while you sleep. Keep your face hydrated at all times by splashing a little with water or bring a facial mist with you to refresh your skin at regular intervals.

We recommend this line of aloe vera from the ISNTREE brand.

Aloe Soothing Emulsion: This emulsion will be your favorite! Hydrates, softens and soothes your skin thanks to its formula enriched with organic aloe vera. It also contains gotu kola, licorice, green tea, and chamomile to provide a refreshing sensation, while soothing and refreshing your skin. Hydrates your skin through a soft and light texture: Contains triglycerides derived from coconut extract and alba wax to help maintain the moisture and smoothness of your face for long hours.

Aloe Soothing Toner: This tonic is the solution for sensitive or irritated skin! Contains 80% Aloe Vera Extract from Jeju Island, which helps to balance, hydrate, soothe, and deeply refresh your skin after every cleanse. In addition, its formula rich in moisturizers and botanical extracts such as gotu kola, licorice, green tea, among others, make it the ideal tonic to maintain a completely healthy skin and reduce the temperature of those inflamed and / or reddened faces.

4. Facial Masks

As we said before, a good Korean mask will give us a calming effect. A tip that we give you is to keep them in the fridge so that they are fresh when applied after a day with a lot of sun.

We recommend It 's Skin brand masks with ingredients such as Aloe vera, Green Tea, and hyaluronic acid that will help you calm and take care of your skin during these hot days.

5. SPF

This is the fundamental and most important part of a good routine in the summer: Use sunscreen. A broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 50 is recommended on all UV exposed skin, including hands, feet, ears and lips. It's important to note that sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours, so be sure to pack an extra sunscreen with you for the hottest summer days and when doing outdoor activities.

If you are interested in the benefits of hyaluronic acid, you may also be interested in the ISNTREE sunscreen available in our store.

This is a sunscreen with a light texture but high sun protection approved by the FDA and sold in the United States, which means that it has all the necessary approvals and tests to verify its validity. When the skin is exposed to the sun, UV rays penetrate causing dehydration in the skin. This sunscreen contains 8 types of hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration and keep your skin protected. Suitable for all skin types, especially those dry and sensitive. Leaves no white residue and feels like a lotion on the skin.

Do you have any other recommendations? Tell us in the comments

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