What is the famous Korean 10-step skincare routine?

Korean beauty has been characterized by discipline in implementing beauty routines according to your skin type. In this blog we will talk about what are these 10 steps of Korean beauty along with their benefits. It is not about applying a magic product but about making changes in your lifestyle and adopting a routine that meets the needs of your skin.

The first two steps are what we call "THE DOUBLE CLEANING", this is the process of cleaning your face with two products. An oily and a watery cleanser.

Oily cleanser removes excess sebum, makeup residue, oil, and sunscreen. And the aqueous removes makeup residues, impurities on the face such as pollution and sweat.

1. Oily cleaner

This first step is the very important! Oil-based cleanser helps you remove all traces of makeup because makeup ingredients can be inflammatory trapping dirt and oil on the skin, causing breakouts and redness. Even if you don't use makeup, this type of oil cleanser helps remove sweat residue, SPF and impurities on your skin.

2. Aqueous cleaner

Cleansing, along with hydration and protection, are the basis of the Korean facial beauty ritual . How are the products we apply going to absorb if your skin is not clean?
With a good cleanser in the form of foam, gel, or cream you will be able to deeply clean makeup residues, external aspects such as pollution and in this way you can continuously remove dead cells, leaving your skin clean and ready to receive and absorb the full potential of the substances that we are going to use below. < / p>

Using the steps for facial cleansing is called double cleansing. We recommend using the oily cleanser only at night and the aqueous one during the day and night. If you have very sensitive and acne-prone skin, remember to wash your skin very well only at night, and in the morning, rinse only with cold water. Sometimes less is more if we have sensitive skin!

3. Scrub

A Korean peel or scrub not only exfoliates and It helps to remove dead cells but it also has an effect to brighten and enhance the protective layer of your skin. Korean scrubs differ from Western scrubs in that they use less aggressive ingredients and are dermatologically tested.
We recommend using scrubs two or three times a week maximum to see your skin brighter and more vital than ever.

4. Toner

You must understand the tonic as the final step in the Korean facial cleansing routine for your skin. Its application regulates the PH of the skin , maintaining the balance between the dry and oily areas of the face, giving the best result possible for your skin.
Also, if you blend it with damp skin after cleansing (or peeling) you will seal in facial hydration. This centella asiatica tonic is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive ones. Helps hydrate and regulate the pH of your skin.

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