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Korean beauty comes to Colombia and is in the world to stay!

Why choose between innovation and traditional beauty? It is clear to everyone that Asians, especially Koreans, have a very particular way of aging. That is to say, the secret of the elixir of youth is very clear and it is common for us to find it difficult to identify their age in reality, because they appear at least 10 years younger than they really are. Koreans are not only known for their anti-aging secrets, but for having clean, blemish-free, healthy and almost porcelain skin!

Image of Myeongdong, the most famous cosmetic street in the world

For this and many other reasons Glowsome Beauty has fallen in love with Korean beauty. Korean cosmetics is an international benchmark for beauty and skin care. At Glowsome Beauty we take care of selecting the best products and brands from South Korea so that you can enjoy the quality of premium products at reasonable prices easily from your home.

What is the secret?

Korean beauty has the philosophy that a product will not do magic, however, following a beauty routine and a daily habit of using skin care products skin if it generates the results you are looking for. Korean women not only invest twice as much in beauty products for their skin than other women. While they usually use 10 products on average, the others between 2 and 3. And most women, especially in Latin America, focus on investing in good makeup, when in fact they should invest in taking care of their skin.

Some general characteristics

1. They use products where natural, safe ingredients predominate and that are focused on lightening the skin and leaving it smoother.

2. masks are essential in Korean beauty. They are used between 2 and 3 times a week, both during the day and at night. The “sheet masks” are an excellent option to facilitate the task.

3. Double facial cleansing , as you know very well this is basic and essential in your beauty routine. However, they do it twice. The first with a two-phase makeup remover (oil and water) to remove makeup, dust, bacteria, excess oil, etc.

And the second cleaning is done with a foam cleanser, which has a lighter texture and helps remove the rest of impurities and make-up remover remains.

4. Every beauty routine should be composed of cleansing and toning. After cleansing their face twice, they apply a tonic that helps balance the skin's pH and renew it.


  • Posted on by Monica Celi

    Gracias por éste post tan bien explicado y detallado! Necesitamos más artículos como éste para seguir aprendiendo sobre el cuidado de la piel y la belleza coreana y así poder aplicarlo en nuestra vida.

  • Posted on by Mabishiar

    Ame sus productos!! Cambiaron mi piel totalmente.

  • Posted on by Jane Santiago

    Gracias por escribir esto! Aprendi mucho xo

  • Posted on by catherine rubio

    Genial que ya implementaron el blog! Estaré muy pendiente de leerlos!

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